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got flash !

2008-02-01 02:23:30 by Deathkavaderva

just downloaded an 30 day trial of it so seeing as ive pretty much never used it, expect some absolute shit to be around here before i get better, If i buy it. The end.

ya know what funny about reviews?

2008-01-23 20:23:42 by Deathkavaderva

Was just flicking through my reviews to read some responses, and was surprised at what I saw. It seems that as soon as somebody writes something remotely critical (helpful) about an artwork, their review gets attacked as useless by retarded 12 year olds.
Also what surprises me is when somebody merely writes a one line or one word comment such as "RESPECT" or "WOOT!" people unanimously find the review "helpful!" when there is nothing the author could possibly draw from it.
Sure, in the past I've written a couple of useless reviews that are kinda painful to read, but 95% of the time I only review to give suggestions that I think would help a fellow artist improve. Correspondingly, NGers think that around 95% of my reviews are useless. I ask you.
Anyway, probably shouldn't expect that any thing much that isn't stupid or retarded would appear on the internet. What do you reckon?

Retarded Insanity

2007-12-07 19:14:50 by Deathkavaderva

It's a glitched up, fucked up 4 minutes of sound with a sick idea behind it. Enjoy!
There it is. Down there.

EDIT: Gee thanks to all those fags that voted low WITHOUT REVIEWING or attempting to comprehend that it's an EXERIMENTAL piece of crap, unlike the usual GENERIC crap they can understand.

Pissed when I wrote that I was^^. Now it looks funny.

new submission

2007-11-14 01:06:25 by Deathkavaderva

Called Drops of Darkness, it's the finished product of (click here) for those few who remember that. Who wants to review it? You might get one back ;)
I may still make minor changes to it.